ABstraXT (2 albums) ---> Rapcore

ABstraXT - Bring The Pain (2003)

1. How Much More
2. Rowdy
3. My Sins <---- Listen MP3
4. Comedown
5. Faded Mirror
6. Thanks To You
7. Bring The Pain
8. Dirty Shore
9. Rough Stuff
10. Tell Em What
11. Where I'm Coming From
12. Remorse

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ABstraXT - Next Victim (2006)
1. Spineless
2. Right
3. I Don't Need
4. Tell Me Why
5. Off Of Me
6. No Reason
7. The Reply
8. M T
9. Back To The Grime
10. Blis'fle Ignant
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"Onan" Respect!

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Anônimo disse...

What The F**k... Very nice the new Astraxt Album!

All song was very good... the last song its a song with only beat(Drum , Guit , Base)without lyric..

Anônimo disse...

Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.

laycan disse...


FDJ disse...

Malusko essés caras são demais vlw , pra la de bom .

Anônimo disse...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

Anônimo disse...

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