Bobaflex (2 albums) --> Crossover/Rapcore

Bobaflex - Primitive Epic (2003)

1. Bobaflex Warriors
2. Midnight Nation
3. What Was It Like?
4. Medicine
5. Tears Drip
6. Predicament
7. Space Case
8. Turn the Heat Up -----> Listen MP3
9. Rise Again
10. Doom Walker

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Bobaflex - Apologize For Nothing (2005)
1. Six Feet Underground
2. Better Than Me
3. Bright Red Violent Sex
4. Bullseye
5. Guns Ablazin'
6. Got You Trapped
7. Turn the Heat Up
8. Family
9. Guardian
10. Medicine
11. Don't Lie Down With Dogs
12. Rescue You -----> Listen MP3
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Anônimo disse...

try ABstraXT if you like it

Anônimo disse...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

Anônimo disse...

I find some information here.

Anônimo disse...

hey man the link is dead, could you reupload the disc please...thanx a lot!!!

analogkid610 disse...

still dead

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