Cellule X (2005) --> French Alternative Rap / RapCore

Cellule X - X Pressions (2005)

1. Intro
2. Cultiva Te
3. Trepalium
4. L'Ombre Du Pouvoir
5. La Voix Du Silence
6. Gardiens De Babylone
7. Crimes Des Chatiments
8. Instru-Mentale
9. Fou A Lier Nas
10. Polasmique
11. Le Peuple De L'Oubli
12. Outro
13. Le meilleur des mondes (bonus)
14. Realite virtuelle (bonus)

BestSharing: Clique Aqui

3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

DOWN :'( !!!

sorry for the bad news..

reup please ! ! !


sink sink socks disse...

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Anônimo disse...

BestSharing seems to be down.. anyway, thanks for sharing this great album!!

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