DJ Bless A.K.A Sutter Kain (2006) --> HorrorCore / HardCore Rap / Jugallo / Wicked Rap

DJ Bless A.K.A Sutter Kain - August Underground (2006)

1. The Pact
2. August Underground
3. Hazballah
4. Cannibal Ferox
5. Blood Thirst
6. Mordum Feat. Donnie Darko
7. 4 Cornered Room ----> Listen NOW!!!
8. Prisoner Of War
9. Chaos Feat. Donnie Darko
10. Wasted Years Feat. Donnie Darko
11. Dead Poet Society
12. Sneak Preview To "Beats Inspired By A Bitch"
13. Requiem For A Dream
14. Winter Music Feat. Donnie Darko
15. Loser Pt. 3

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+ Videos:

DJ Bless aka Sutter Kain - Kain Made Me Do It

DJ Bless aka Sutter Kain - Cannibal Ferox

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Anônimo disse...

the best christmas gift i ever had

Anônimo disse...

damn what a genius Album...THANK you MATE

хед disse...

спасибо большое! :)

Anônimo disse...

do you have the suicide kingz album too???

Anônimo disse...

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