HateTV (Compilation 2004) --> Altern. / NuMetal / Crossover ...

HateTV - Uncut (Compilation)(2004)

1. Folder - Shake It ----> Listen NOW !!!
2. GF93
- Brings Further Signification
3. Browbeat - Empire
4. JustineDusk - Perfect Waste
5. Linea Viola - Non Lo Sai
6. Zeroin - Sophisticated
7. Timecut - The Gift
8. Muddy Fly - Cold As Fire
9. Overslope - Sink in The Darkness

TurboUpload: Clique Aqui

All credits to HateTV.it, tnx !

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Anônimo disse...

este cd no se puede bajar

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Turboupload SUCKS Mate...take RS or MU they are much better!!!

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