Dracma (1999) --> NuMetal from Chile


Dracma is the national currency of Greece, but also it is the name of a band that,
with only a published disc (Dracma, 1999), projection has been qualified as the group of major in the musical Chilean scene.
Cote Foncea, Felipe Foncea, Gerhard Wolleter, Leo Araya and Pole Vargas agree there is grouping,
which cultivates a quite wide musicality that goes on from the hardcore to the rock and from the metal to the Latin music,
quite joined a solid handling of harmony vocal and a discursive power

Dracma - Dracma (1999)

1. Hijo De Puta
2. Sangre Fria
3. Como Un Animal
4. EL Placer Del Dragon
5. Pobre Decepcion
6. Verte Morir
7. Sacramento
8. Todo Lo Que Puedo Hacer
9. No Es Un Juego
10. Chilenada ----> YouTube Video
11. No Me Encontraras
12. Verte Caer
13. Destruyes
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