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Pumping hip-hop mixed with hardcore, live guitar riffs and beats that go crazy,
Project Wyze promises to be one of Canada's most exciting new bands.
Based out of Ontario, Project Wyze consists of two vocalists, two guitarists,
a bassist and a drummer. (A DJ also guests at live shows.)
Unlike the majority of hybrid rock/rap bands that have evolved out of punk or metal,
Project Wyze originated 12 years ago as a pure hip-hop outfit.

Project Wyze - Misfits Strangers Liars Friends

1. Room to Breath ----> YouTube Video
2. Nothing's What It Seems ----> YouTube Video
3. Denial
4. Erica
5. Hush
6. Eyes Wide Shut
7. Running Away
8. Behind Closed Doors
9. Only Time Will Tell
10. Strangers Among Us
11. Jakobz Ladder
TurboUpload: Clique Aqui

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