Kaizen Project (2009) --> Alt.Metal / Modern Rock / NuMetal / Israel

Kaizen Project - Halon LaMetziut (2009)


1. Od Kama Shaot (3:33)
2. Lauf (2:56)
3. Avir (4:00)
4. Klum Hutz Mimeh (3:54)
5. Lirtzot Hakol (3:54)
6. BeImkei HaLev (3:47)
7. Ad SheTitratzi (4:12) --------YouTube Video
8. Biladaih (3:22)
9. Kaha Tov (3:35)
10. Bedimyoni (2:41)
11. Halom Ahrei Halom (3:40)
12. Im Yesh Tov (3:50)
13. Pohedet Levad (3:09)

Link: RGhost

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