Austin Deathtrip --> HC / Groove Metal / Modern / Germany

"...I will not get pimples every time when bands in boundless hubris of big names
 adorn the style description. The Austin Deathtrip however mention that they
 find Sepultura, Pantera, Misery Index and Chimaira well counter, the same with 
his own style called "Texas Style Metal" and remind me spontaneously to a groovier
 version of the British louts of The Rotted. This 4-track demo EP is taken off 
accordingly following: Neat Muckis, crunchy riffs with little frills, angry vocals
 and (technical) mainly NO Stümpertum. The groovy "A Hypocrite's Manifesto",
 "Cain" (where Sepultura influences revealing flashes perhaps best compared) and
 "Terence Hills Have Ice" (deadly serious so everyone can ...) should live 
absolutely cause many a pit..."

Austin Deathtrip - Texas Bulldozer (2012)


 1. A Hypocrite's Manifest 03:04
 2. Cain 03:34
 3. Butt Spanker 02:53
 4. Terence Hills Have Ice 04:16


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