Japan Bee (2012) --> RapMetal / NuMetal / Spain

"...The initial group took shape in mid 2010, bassist changes made ​​repeatedly slowing
 the growth of the band. Finally, in 2012 the band is firmly established and confirmed
  with the recording of the EP of 4 songs, recorded and mixed in March 2012 by its members
  in the study of Sala8 in Malaga (Spain) city where they are.
.The project of the band is very clear, mix with nu-metal rap very heavy and good
the purest nu-metal with an impressive rap.
A good part of the study sound achieved by ourselves, very faithful to the sound 
we project live.
We have a very lively staging and spectacular..."



Japan Bee - Japan Bee EP (2012)


01- Sigo al mando
02- Nada Cambia
03- Asesinos
04- En la linea de Fuego

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