Overhype–> Rapcore / Nu Metal / Czech Republic


"...Overhype is nu-metal rapcore band from the second biggest
city in Czech Republic, Brno. Band was founded in summer
2004 by Pavel Lasnovský (bass), Martin Ekl (drums) and
Martin Nowak (guitar). After few months Pavel's brother
Lukáš "Calwi" Lasnovský became band's frontman.
In May 2005, Nowak leaves, Jan "Larwogn" Ráčil became
new guitarist. Since that band started play covers by
Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, RATM etc and got name "overhype".
In spring 2008, band changed guitarist again because of
different musical tastes of members, Marek "Cibul" Cibluka
is new one. 6 months after that, band released first demo CD
"Hardly Manageable Drug" (January 2009). In summer 2010
new album "Misstake" released (sold to many countries: USA,
Germany, Austria, Russia, Japan...), more fans around all world
added, more shows played. overhype also tried a cooperation
with DJ, but it has not worked well..."





Overhype - Social influenza EP (2012)




01 Dirty Way
02 Influenza
03 Victims Of The System
04 Blowin` Away
05 Little Renegade -------> [Listen]
06 Can Ya Get That?
07 Signature


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