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"...alternative rock band founded in September 2008. More specifically,
the style could be performed even called deviant, due to heterogeneity
of the group, members with different musical tastes, observable
phenomena including El Magico Tiber vocal style and composing
instrumental guitarist, Lucian Csibi, previously worked as a
DJ Drum 'n'bass also has personal electronic productions.
More important than musical style which would like to belong to a band,
is the message he wants to convey, and state that wants to provoke.
Musical purpose, the two above mentioned, together with Toedru Bangros
drummer-bassist-Lugar Zeeknu, Ikim Pikshos-percussionist and second
guitarist, Vlade Blane Grosse (ex RockHouse) aims to issue a sound to
arouse energy jovial, a fun due to poor interpretation of reality, while inviting
a mental upgrade, not degradation (by encouraging dysfunctional emotions
such as aggression, anger, despair, sadness, attachment to ex-partners, etc.)..."








Relative - Let Me Tell You This (2013)




01 Let Me Tell You This
02 Yamericano
03 Too Fast
04 Arabish
05 Tuning The Mass
06 Irene
07 Get Out Strong feat. Rehab Nation
08 We Come From The Back
09 Burning Shot
10 Supersonic


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