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"...What do you get when you put together five guys from different
musical backgrounds that are full of ideas? Creativity, intensity,
and a little psychosis. In other words: Heroic Dose. Since forming
in 1999, they have gained a receptive following. They have established
themselves as one of the Midwest's top acts through playing at various
venues across the Midwest. Heroic Dose has shared the stage with
many national acts, such as Godsmack, Slipknot, Fear Factory, Static-X,
Machine Head, Orgy, Megadeth and Videodrone. They have also taken
their sounds throughout the Midwest, Great Plains, and Southern U.S.
Heroic Dose's most recent endeavor is their self-released CD entitled
"Die Happy". This is a follow up to their self-titled EP released in the spring
of 1999. They continue to play around the Midwest and have begun to stretch
out into more distant areas. To help promote their CD and their sound they
have formed a street team that has members spanning from East to West
Coast and Europe...."





Heroic Dose – Die Happy (2000)



01. Ritual Killing
02. Die Happy
03. Railed
04. Deer Tick
05. The Hair Between My Teeth
06. Meat
07. My Pigeon Problem
08. Genius
09. Head (Demo Version)

BONUS - Instar
BONUS - Ololiqui
BONUS - Reinventing Me

Link: Mediafire

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