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"...Year 2003 can be considered as the beginning of Tommy Say No.
The project was founded by Paweł Rymgayllo (lead guitar),
who together with Ziemek Rybakiewicz (section) were looking for
a way to express their musical emotions. During this period, each
of the musicians were involved also in several other projects,
but it was Tommy Say No that became most meaningful for both
of them. The first year was looking for its very own style and of
course the rest of the musicians.
Both goals has been achieved in year 2004 – finally we have an
outline of the direction. The bassist and vocalist Casper Szafran
and Max Sobolak joined the crew. Naturally, the new people
always bring new and noticeable impact on the work, and so
Tommy Say No received some funky / groove sounds.
Max filled our music with very strong and typical voice.
The band settled in some area of rap-core music..."








Tommy Say No - Dream of California (2013)




01. Say No [04:44]
02. Politicians [02:29]
03. California [03:17]
04. Cops [03:34]
05. Good Times [03:07]
06. Come On Girl [03:43]
07. Control [02:50]
08. War [03:30]
09. Indiana [03:17]
10. Stop [02:38]
11. Get Up [03:05]
12. Yo JK [01:30]

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