Far From It (2012) –> RaPCore / Rock / USA

"...Far From It is a rap/rock band from the Heart of the Ozarks
comprised of four unique members with only one goal...
to be heard. Longtime FFI frontman, MC, brings the verbal assault
with an essence of poetic yet catchy freestyle lyrics that truly delivers
our message. Alongside MC instrumentally are musical veterans Shawn,
on guitar, and Shane, on drums. The two of them power the musical
beast that accompanies MC's lyrical style. With the addition of classically
trained cellist, Josh Grider on bass, this fully functional musical machine
has come to life. Now we challenge you to take a moment to fully
grasp what is Far From It...."




Far From It - Untitled LP (2012)



01 Throw Your Hands Up
02 Whatever It Takes
03 Plagued
04 Sittin Here
05 Cancer of the Mouth

Link: Mega

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Anônimo disse...

Thanks for your works !!! much appreciated !!
can you give a link but not on mega !!! it doesn't work on any of my web browsers...
Big up from Paris (france) !!

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