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so what band

"...The group has changed, grown. Initially - it was a few guys''s group,
likes on the cover Shop Suey, Toxicity (SOAD) and Wake Up (RATM).
After - a team of students, inspired by the various branches of
alternative rock and rapcore.
Now the S?W - is a group of people with different preferences in
music from oldrock to dubstep.
S?W - is a group of people, where everyone brings a piece of yourself,
his creative preferences in the new texts and music.
That's why a group is not like anyone, so its sound is constantly changing
from hard to melodic rock rapcore, from electronic to dubstep motives.
That's why each person can be found in this group something for himself..."




S?W – So What EP (2012)


01  - Burn
02  - Escape
03  - Freedom Fighter
04  - Generation
05  - QR
06  - World Of Me
07  - Your Lies
BONUS - Never Back Down

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