Demiurgo –> Alt. Metal / NuMetal / Spain


"...Demiurgo is more than a band. It is an exercise in the making of creativity,
complexity, passion and dizziness. An elaborate chain of sounds and
sensations that come before us to draw an abyss we find grandeur, tragedy,
mystery and, above all, power. It is musically an adventure full of carefully
developed chapters and an iron set live that has nothing to envy to the foreign
scenes. It is personally a show of inner strength and personal growth in a
world where competition in the music market and the failure of the record
business require firmness and sacrifice to new bands. Several thousands
of downloads of his two works have witnessed it, and its genuine proposal
has not left anyone indifferent; proposal have been able to defend live a
waste of energy and professionalism and unprecedented every day makes
them great. Demiurgo is not just a band. It is an attitude..."




demiurgo disco

La virtud del invitado – Capítulo 2
La virtud del invitado – Capítulo 1
Los ancianos del Zohar
El primer dia del mundo

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