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misguided band
"...Unfortunately "Misguided" is no longer together but the memories
and music shall live on. Musical differences and the need for
everyone to go try other boundaries was in store.
Cory Smoot is now guitarist Flattus Maximus of "Gwar"
(r.i.p) and
drummer for a progressive metal band "Locus Factor" with
Nate Krishna of "Misguided" and Kris Norris of "Darkest Hour"
and Dave Anderson of "Mensrea" Oh yeah did i mention
"Mensrea" is this cool new project in the making of as we
speak also in "Mensrea" is Cory Smoot and Nate Krishna.
Jeremy Forsyth is playing with two of the original members
of "Misguided" Derek Barry and Frank Robbins.Jeff Mcneely
is playing percussion for the band St. Diablo of Fredericksburg,
Va.Look at the bright side no one is dead and everyones still
jamming.This site is to remind us of where we started and
you got to start somewhere..."



Misguided - Misadventures (2008)


1. M2G
2. Parasite
3. Harms Way
4. Mind Control
5. Tjhe Fireplace
6. Rejected
7. Brick
8. Mother Nature
9. 4:20

Link: Mega

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