Yobo --> NuMetal / RapCore / Serbia

"...Yobo is a Belgrade nu-metal band, they formed in 1997 and until 2000
played on many demo festivals, mainly in Belgrade, but also in some
other towns in Serbia and region.
They’ve made their debut album "Watch Out!The New Breed Is Coming"
in Zemun, at Bare’s studio in February 2002.
The album was released on Ammonite Records.
Next album, called "Reactions" was recorded in 2005/2006, but never released..."



Yobo - Reactions (2006)

01 Solitude (intro)
02 Complicated
03 Macuba Calls
04 Forsaken
05 We Don't Care
06 Kiss the Ground
07 Shake
08 Still Openhearted
09 Scumbag
10 Get Away
11 Antisocial
12 I Am Leaving

Link: Mega / Mediafire
tnx my bro Darko!
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