Tribal Traktion –> NuMetal / Old School / USA

"...Tribal Traktion, an underground Midwest band, is taking on the world of
  hard rock with a unique approach. They bring optimism and enlightenment
  to the hard rock music scene; an oddity when generally hard rock is
depicted as dark and depressing. Triba l Traktion revels in high-energy
  enthusiasm, intense movement, and melodic transitions.
Their songs are an extreme sports adventure into uncharted territory with
  different grooves, different keys, and different feelings.
Tribal Traktion performs an incredibly positive and electrifying live show.
  Music reviewer, E. Phillips, wrote "Tribal Traktion can easily capture
the best funk of the Chili Peppers, the angst of Rage Against the Machine,
  the melodic emotion of Stone Temple Pilots, and the melancholic isolation of Tool."
  Currently, the band is on a marketing tour of college towns.
Popular in New Pontiac's music scene, they perform at Griff's Grill,
headline 7th House, and captivate Clutch Cargo's.
Branching out from familiar territory, they intoxicate crowds in Toledo,
E. Lansing, Detroit, Bay City, andd soon to be the world..."


Tribal Traktion - EVO. (2001)

1 Evolution   
2 Believe   
3 Chaos   
4 Primal   
5 Dive   
6 Pushing Out
Link: Mediafire
RAR pass: #hazsub
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