BISON are back !!!

Artist: Bison

EP Title: Perfect Mistakes
EP Release Date: Friday May 28
Genre: Metal/Nu-Metal
Label: Independent
Hometown: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

BISON formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1997 when drummer Eddie and former guitarist Calksi were inspired by the nu-metal and alt-rock OG’s of the day, like Korn, Helmet, Sepultura, Incubus etc, bringing hip-hop and heavy music together. The recruits of bassist Amos and vocalist Brens soon followed. BISON quickly established itself within the Melbourne heavy music scene, bringing high energy shows & Rap/Rock tunes with wide appeal to the all-ages, festival and pub/club circuit.

BISON recorded its debut EP ‘Within Earshot’ with ARIA nominated producer DW Norton (Superheist) which lead to the band being signed to Shock Records, through heavy label ‘Faultline Records’. The EP created waves within the heavy community & music press. First Single ‘Hard to Take’ received triple J attention as well as regular play on Triple M and community radio.

In late 2005 hit the Studio again to record its Third EP ‘DEMO’ - tragically these songs were never released and the very limited pressing is now sought after by fans worldwide. At that point, the tyranny of the road, the evolution of life, lead to the band taking a break. That break lasted 14 years. The disappointment of never releasing ‘DEMO’ plagued the members, knowing that ultimately there was some unfinished business for a band that exploded onto the scene, but left with a deafening silence. There was never a ‘final show’ moment.

In early 2019, all of the members of BISON agreed it was time to jam again. Uploading their back catalogue of music to digital platforms sparked a fire. Without expectation, the 5 members found themselves in a rehearsal studio, 4 hours later, BISON had written ‘Begin Again’ the return single & the comeback was ratified……. there was life in the old dog yet!

Flash forward to 2021 and the BISON line-up has grown up with the tyranny of time. Thematically ‘Perfect Mistakes’ Explore’s the lessons learned from separation, death, addiction, the pressures of life & all that comes with experience. Listeners can really connect with these new tunes. The six track EP is comprised of 5 new songs, and 1 re-recorded track from ‘DEMO’.

Bison are back - their new EP Perfect Mistakes will be released into the world on Friday May 28th and can be pre-ordered/pre-saved at from this Friday. New Single 'Begin Again' will be released on all digital stores and streaming platforms on Friday April 9 and is available at

01. Begin Again 
02. New Enemy 
03. Take Your Place 
04. A Million Miles
05. Stained
06. Blindside

Here it is. The long-awaited album in Australia is finally here. The Melbourne five-piece unveiled their first single ‘Begin Again’ way back in April 2021

The record kicks off with "BEGIN AGAIN", where the band shows the root sound coming from the old school Nu Metal, full of current elements, the so-called Nu Metal Revival.

The whole EP, backed by pulsating beats , RAP vocals, followed by catchy melodies , sounds just as "nostalgic", perhaps a little more 2000's for all you old school Nu Metal fans.
Hearing this songs, it just instantly reminded me of good Old Australian Nu Metal days, dope riffs and strong chorus that stick to your mind. 

Even after a long hiatus, BISON managed not to stray from their origins, and we like it!!!

Rating: 9 / 10

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