.sPout. (2007) --> RapCore / NuMetal

.sPout. - Were Goin Straight To Hell (2007)

1. Out of sight
2. Not the one = the other side
3. Nothin' in common
4. Strangers
5. Stratocaster sixtyone
6. Warm up your neck
7. Tear me to pieces
8. Broken
9. Some kind of zombie
10. No saint = no sinner
11. What are you waitin' for
12. The end

RapidShare: Clique Aqui

2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

hello i just downloaded the two albums of judge D and really liked them.i like rapcore in general and bands like limo bizkit, crazy town P.O.D,ROTM in particular.
can u post some good rapcore albums
which are not famous but good.(not bands like static x or biohazard)
bands with more like limp bizkit or judge d sound.

GiLsk8 disse...

spout é foda demais!

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