Legacey (2006) --> RapCore / Hip Hop

Legacey - Legacey (2006)

* (you) Push Me
* Come With Me
* Deep In The Water
* Enlighten Me ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
* Exile
* I Dont Like You
* Let It Go
* Open The Sky
* Sin
* Testament
* The Reckoning
* Thee Injection

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5 comentários:

ill Rorro disse...

Muy buen blog ;)

tienes el disco de la banda italiana "Gzero"???

el disco se llama "Feel it"!!

si lo puedes subir a tu blog!! :D
Gzero - Feel it! :D

saludos desde Chile

rapcoresist disse...

many thanks!! i visit ur blog every day. could you please RE-upload this record?

"SilverSurfer - HART NACH VORN" (2005) -> Rapcore (Germany)

it was deleted from the hoster on which u uploaded it, about a year ago!

many thanks again


Anônimo disse...

man that shit is good

Anônimo disse...

Dude this shit is sick. Thanks Alot.

Anônimo disse...

Your blog is GREAT!!!!

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