Neverset (2007) --> NuMetal / RapCore


With the influences of generations of music,
comes a band that can turn a sudden scratch of a record
into a scream felt all over the world. Twisting heartache into
raw energy, Neverset brings together the possibility of
powerful music and emotional poetry.
Neverset will take you away from the stress of everyday
life through a performance that will leave you begging for more!

Neverset - Behind Every Door (2007)

01. Breathe
02. My Scars
03. The Last Hardest Thing
04. Push Away
05. Headake
06. Don't Wanna Know You
07. Bitter Lies
08. Wake Up
09. Falling Away
10. My Enemy ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
11. Stand up ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
12. Blame
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