SuperVerde (1999) --> RapCore / NuMetal (from Mexico)


40 degrees centigrade, sometimes a little more,
it is the temperature needed to cook a band as Superverde:
influences of hard rock (in his beginnings they were sounding
as Korn and Rage Against the Machine) with a DJ that punctures
discs and handles samples and sequences, scenic fury,
will to survive in the desert and a little of black humor
so that the recipe moors.

SuperVerde - Cuentos Y Fabulas Para Ninos Sordos (1999)

01- El Chico Temido
02- Prostituta
03- Salario
04- Paquito
05- Viajero
06- Sola
07- Anclado
08- La Charla
09- Anorexia
10- El Raton Vaquero
11- Dr. Psiquiatra (BONUS TRACK) (Gloria Trevi Cover)
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+ Youtube Video : Dr. Psiquiatra Cover of Gloria Trevi

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