Fony (2 albums) --> NuMetal


After meeting at college in 1998, the band
independently released their debut EP
‘Join In And Hide Yourself’ to a wealth of
interest and soon found themselves signed to Casket Music.
Their first commercial release, Routine Irregular,
proved Fony to be a big part of the future of nu-metal
and their subsequent release, Circles, does nothing
to refute that claim.

Fony - Mercy After Fiction (2006)

01. Here Come The Dark Horses
02. A To Breathe
03. Cloaked And Daggered
04. Waco
05. The _ Leads The Dance
06. Release
07. The Root
08. Feed Off Us
09. Still Response
10. At Union Divide
11. Your Emperor
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Fony - Circles (2003)

01. A Satire For The World
02. Strobe
03. Black Windows And A Film Noir
04. Helium
05. Emeritus
06. Fucking The Sentiment
07. Circles
08. I Mar The Chance ----> Listen MP3
09. January Zen
10. Nefer
11. Wishlist, End

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4 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

escucha a fuckop family desde españa!!! fusioncore

fuckop family Antisistema sound connection (2006)

fuckop family. Esto no es vida.(2003)


Anônimo disse...

hey q tal acabo de escuhar esta banda y me latio mucho pero tus links no funcionan podrias resubirlos de nuevo please se te agradeseria mucho tnks

Salu2 desde Mexico And Us

Anônimo disse...

Fony - Circles
Mediafire link

[_GiSli_] disse...

man me ekanta esta banda pero los links estan muertos
te agradeceria si pudieras arreglarlos

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