Hifana (2 albums) --> Hip Hop / Break Beat


Break beat unit by KEIZOmachine! and Juicy.
On the live set we use absolutely no programming
or sequencing but cut beatz on a sampler pad in
real time adding elements as scratching and percussion.
On the other hand the pieces on the CDs and
vinyl use heavy programming and sequencing to
create the original HIFANA sound.

Hifana - Fresh Push Breakin' (2003)

01. Intro ----> YouTube Video
02. Fatbros (Art of Vibes)
03. Gofanke
04. Gakulang
05. Oto-Mutsu-San
06. Hitaro
07. Mondew
08. Factory (No Sequence Fresh Push Mix)
09. Toycut
10. Strip Grind
11. Uchi-Nan-Champroo
12. S.P.C (Stupidcut)
13. Bluez
14. Asalato

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(tnx Vinicius D.D.F)


Hifana - Channel H (2005)

1. Channel Push Breakin'
2. Wamono
3. Mr. Beer
4. See'em
5. Tanglang
6. Now Thinking
7. Nampooh
8. Now Playing
9. Ryukyu Long Board
10. Akero
11. Raggachin "H"
12. Waiyandub
13. Www.Hifana.Com
14. Peeteejay
15. Asalato
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15 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Nice post !!!!!

Anônimo disse...

I couldn't say less = THANX!

After MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, another great Japanese band!

Anônimo disse...

By the way, know that track 06. Hitaro of the "Fresh Push Breakin'" album isn't working...

Anônimo disse...

1st album is very disappointing but the 2nd one is much better!
Thank you, HS!

Anônimo disse...

banda mt boa

se tiver mais albuns posta ai véi

Anônimo disse...

I have been looking for this everywhere, and the import is $52 US. Your the best, thank you so much.

Anônimo disse...

sei q to no lugar errado,mais nao custa pedir,vc pode reupar o cd paredao que vc postou aq em 2006?e porque estou a procura dele a muito tempo e so o vi por aq,se puder fazer isso ficaria agradecido,valeu

Anônimo disse...

If you truly like hardcore sh*t
Punk hardcore sh*t

and its not a damn commercial my friend

it's from http://hardcorexpridexdiscos.blogspot.com/2008/01/icepick-goldrush-2005.html

Anônimo disse...

escucha a fuckop family desde españa!!! fusioncore

fuckop family Antisistema sound connection (2006)

fuckop family. Esto no es vida.(2003)


Anônimo disse...

Thank you very much. Excelent msic and hard discs to find! thank you!

Anônimo disse...

I can't load the second album, can some verify is the link still working

Anônimo disse...

Channel H, Connect, Nampooh Cable can be found: http://worldnihon.wordpress.com/category/jmusic/hifana/

Have fun

Unknown disse...

posta novamente o "Hifana - Fresh Push Breakin' (2003)". o link expirou.

Anônimo disse...

I saw Hifana at the New York- Tokyo music concert in 2006. Amazing!

Anônimo disse...

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