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Often called Japan's own Rage Against The Machine,
YKZ aka Yakuza Kick was formed in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan.
After singing with the indie label Ultra Vybe for their
first releases in 1997, YKZ became very popular with
their first full album "The Fire That Burns Within"
in 2001 alone with their collaboration with the
American underground hip-hop favourites The Beatnuts.

YKZ - Expect The Unexpected (2003)

01. No Frontin'
02. Illegular
03. R.O.D (INSTRUMENTAL) [Read or Die TV Opening Theme]
04. Theme Of YKZEE
05. Never Go Back
06. Illegular (SHAOLIN MIX)
07. No Frontin' (QUARASHI MIX)
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YKZ - Rock To The Beats (2003)

1. Into The...(INTRODUCTION)
2. Detonator
3. Unbreakable
4. Gimme Funky Breaks
5. Day After Day
6. Emptiness Of Dawn
7. Metal Massacre
8. Spin Break
9. Low Dirt
10. Dyna-mic
11. Right Here
12. If
13. If(DEEPEN)

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YKZ - The Fire That Burns Within (2001)

1. Blow Dack (House Of The Rising Funk)
2. Sonictemple
3. Bombnitude
4. Exflowsion Underground
5. A Revolutionary Era
6. Harmorythm
7. Nextreme Unknown ----> YouTube Video
8. Nao Quer Ir A Praia
9. Master Of Void (Enter The YKZone)
10. Double Barrel
11. Bright Lights Dead City

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5 comentários:

Basajarau disse...

Thanks for this man!I´m looking for "the fire that burns within" cd for a long time, I already have the other two cds and they´re a exciting band. Crazy bass! It would be possible to re-upload the Mass Mental cd? Please man..... I need to hear everything if the bass is played by Robert Trujillo.......... :-) Thanks anyway.

Somnium Viator Diem disse...

Hey I love YKZ and I've tried to buy it but it's only avalible second hand from ebay and new on japan hmv, so I am unable to get it in the uk, also your download links are broken and all torrents avalible haven't any seeds. Do you know any way I could aquire this music?

Thank you :]

Kid Wonder disse...

Woah you got the YKZ albums! Hideki Tanaka (bassist) is sick!, would you mind to upload them again please? the link is dead...

Anônimo disse...

Would you mind to upload them again? Thanks

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