Addiction Crew (2008) --> Alt. Metal / NuMetal

Addiction Crew - Lethal (2008)

1.Lethal 01:07
2.Target 03:07
3.The Reason You Can't Sleep 02:58
4.See Me Again 03:47
5.Make A Sense 03:48
6.Along the Way 02:51
7.Shove 03:37
8.Signs of Living 02:43
9.Hangin' in the Air 03:18
10.Ride on Liars 03:23
11.To the Core 02:58
12.Surrounded 03:05
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4 comentários:

Truepicasso disse...

hello can u add my blog to the list? i'll add yours mine is

Anônimo disse...

this album kick ass!

Anônimo disse...

go buy it loser

Anônimo disse...

o rapidshare ta em erro...


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