Ruido Rojo (2007) --> RapCore from Spain


The style that R.R. practises is near to the RapMetal
or to the so called " modern metal ". His music is rapid
and compact, giving free rein to a few lyricists in the
voices near to the rap. Forceful bases of battery and under,
passing alone "heavys" of his two guitars, and all that mixed
with scratches of style more hiphop.

Ruido Rojo - RQR (2007)

01 La Marcha Negra
02 Respirar Libertad
03 Abre Los Ojos
04 Sin Ti
05 Interludio
06 Ghetto
07 El Imperio Del Miedo ----> YouTube Video
08 Reinventar
09 Tapeo
RapidShare: Clique Aqui

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