The Funk Fuckers (Funk, Rap'n'roll, Psicodelia, HardCore e Ragga) from Brazil


The first cd of the group, shows this incorrect way of being.
His letters do not save anything nor anybody.
The mood, the casualness, the porn reign harmonically for 19 belts.
It is not a stone on stone in his rhymed verses of the rap with the guitars.

The Funk Fuckers - Bailão Classe A

1. Intro (Tudin')
2. Montagemdaniquilacao
3. Inthahouse ----> YouTube Video
4. Instituicao Falida II
5. 2 Berlotas
6. Marieta ----> YouTube Video
7. K
8. Brasileiro
9. Rappers Reais (Skunk Jammin' II)
10. Mary Diesel
11. Na Pressao
12. Bulica ----> YouTube Video
13. Na Testa
14. Tudacudaduda
15. 021 (Original Style)
16. Hold La (Big Pemba)
17. Ddm
18. Bpm
19. A Cana



01. Carne Cinza
02. Dança do Patinho
03. Funk Até O Caroço
04. Miami Maia
05. Tá Na Área
06. Tudo Bem

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3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

you're back!!!
welcome home ;)

H$ disse...

tnx man ;)

Anônimo disse...

good job!

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