Avery Watts --> RapCore / Altern. / Rock / USA

"...An all in one musical anomaly, a modern day Renaissance man,
Avery Watts has been deemed the “New Face of Rock N’ Roll” (CBS).
With an impressive list of musical talents and achievements, 
he has been celebrated for his unparalleled abilities as a creative
artist and thrilling live performer. Playing all instruments on his albums,
he has been recognized as a talented singer/songwriter, producer, mixer,
arranger, studio engineer, composer, and instrumentalist in an ever 
changing music industry..."

Avery Watts - The Takeover (2011) 


01. It Begins 
02. A Cut Above 
03. Right Now 
04. Our World ---- [ Listen ]
05. Stand ---- [ Listen ]
06. The Core 
07. Interlude 
08. Enough 
09. This Is War
10. Who I Am 
11. Everyone
12. Criminal 
13. Survive
14. Home 
15. The Takeover


tnx to Avery Watts for share link in my Youtube Channel

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