Understated --> Modern Rock / NuMetal / Canada

"...Their music is raw and modern; the lyrics are highly relevant;
sure to inspire positive change in anyone who cares to listen. 
The songs deal with everything from perseverance in the face of resistance, 
to scars caused by sexual abuse. The songs are often pessimistic and optimistic 
at the same time. The concept being that; on one side of life there is pain, 
but on the other side there’s healing. Scars may remain, 
but they need not control our lives..."
Musical influences:
Rage Against the Machine, Project 86, dc talk, Sevendust, 
Lenny Kravitz, Skillet, Radiohead, Muse, Audioslave, 
Thousand Foot Krutch, Collective Soul, Audio Adrenaline,
Pillar, Deftones, Bob Dylan, P.O.D.

Understated - Rise from the Ashes (2004)


1.Out of Alignment (Introduction) 00:41
2.The Tripping Cycle 03:24
3.Fire is Spoken (Fly) 04:13  ----- [Listen]
4.To Know You 03:10
5.Blessed Man 04:00
6.Confidence 03:04
7.Priviledge 03:54
8.Stone 04:05
9.O Well 06:10
10.Bring This Real Love 04:07
11.City Celestial 02:07
12.In Memory 03:24 

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