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“…Frinstream Group was founded August 13, 2012, although all began
much earlier, with the usual get-togethers, the endless conversations
about music, art, etc. While all had very different experiences of the game,
each time to take part in several musical projects (LSD (Lucky Sun Day),
EinstilZ, De Visu, Noneim, etc.), Who eventually left in the past.
We decided it was time to create something in common, as have never
played together and everything was limited friendship. The basis for this
"general" have become favorite: alternative and nu metal.
Rehearsals began and sample recording home demos. Initially, we positioned
ourselves as an Internet project, but after playing a bit, realized that the pants
sit at home as a not very cool. It was decided to build a full-fledged project fo
r which we did not have a drummer, but fortunately, he soon found…”

Андрей (andy) Иванюк – Guitar R
Андрей (Бяка) Ермаков – Guitar L
Кирилл (Керя) Вербовой – Vocal
Макс (Max) Серёженко – Bass
Алексей (HyBeR) Сычевой – Drum



frinstream — Keep Moving On! (2013)



01. Stage трек (Мы начинаем...) [4:05]
02. Подальше от всех, сам по себе... [4:18]
03. System virus.exe [3:38]
04. Не достигнув высоты [3:54]
05. Ты сам себе судья [3:41]
06. Начинай думать! [3:10]
07. Паранойя [3:49]

Link: Mediafire

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