M.A.N (Massive Audio Nerve) --> NuMetal / Groove Metal / Sweden


"... So M.A.N. decided to change their name to the more impressive MASSIVE AUDIO NERVE.
Cool! The band from Gothenburg featuring Tony jelencovich
(or Tony JJ of TRANSPORT LEAGUE and ex-MNEMIC touring vocalist)
releases their newest effort entitled “Cancer Vulgaris”.
MASSIVE AUDIO NERVE bring together the ferocity of hardcore,
the metalcore energy and on top of that a healthy bit of the nu metal groove
with progressive extensions similar to Djent acts.
With the music varying a fair bit and the vocal performance altering throughout
the album, from melodic bits (and no they do not sound gay),
to Hardcore screams and then to growls the album offers a nice
mixture of modern extreme music..."






M.A.N (Massive Audio Nerve) - Cancer Vulgari (2013)



01. Cryosync
02. Manslaughter
03. Lights Out
04. Scythe
05. This Generation
06. Grace Of Time
07. 3 Quarter
08. Young Insect
09. Underhanded Brother
10. Death Song
11. Hoax
12. Slumcult

Link: Mediafire

1 comentários:

eysengott disse...

Zhe MF link is blocked (Error 388).
A re-upload would be nice. THX in advance!
BTW - an m4a / 276 kbps version is available on Turbobit ->

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