N.M.E. / NME RIFA / Nine Millimeter Execution –> HC / RAP / GhettoMetal

"...Nine Millimeter Execution is what they are known as.
NME was formed in 2000 and that's when the chaos began.
NME keeps it Brutal with its in your face riffs, bass lines,
drum beats, rap lyrics and death vocals. NME is one of the
few bands that successfully fusion metal and rap.
To understand the concept, one must see them perform
their heavy hard hitting non-stop ferocious assault on metal
and rap. With the attitude of we don't give a fuck we're going
to play our way is their motto, have made them a known entity.
Playing with the ranks of hard hitters such as Brujeria, Asesino,
SX-10,Napalm Death and countless others, NME continues to
evolve with a mission to accomplish.. ..."



NME - Nine Millimeter Execution (2010)

1 -In Guns We Trust
2 -Sangrando
3 -N.M.E
4 -Feel This
5 -L.A'S Most Wanted
6 -Game Over
7 -Nine Millimeter Execution
8 -Mission One
9 -Rifa
10 -Addict
11 -Felony
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