Double Chamber --> Groove Metal / NuMetal / Australia

"..Double Chamber are a groove driven metal band from Edensor Park, Sydney.
Formed in mid 2012, The 4-piece brings together a diverse range of influences and
styles to produce something different from the hardcore saturated scene that surrounded them.
Bring together sounds influenced by the Australian alternative scene,
to groove metal and even nu-metal, while adding an atmospheric edge; the band clearly
emphasizes its intent to not bow down to the trends of the time. This musical styling pushes
a message that may not sit right with all that hear it and has enabled the young lads from
Western Sydney to support such acts as Confession, For All Eternity, As Silence Breaks
and King Parrot in their short history..."



Name: Double Chamber - Middle Children of History (2013)


Tracklist: 01 swallow the truth (likes Pantera)
02 less than strength
03 old new stories
04 imperial

Link: Mega

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