The Salvos --> NuMetal / Brazil / Old School / 4 Korn fans

"...The Salvos was a Christian metal band from the beginning of the new decade zero. 
The band got fame and came to play festivals Christian rock as CMF Festival and
Metanoia, besides participating in events and festivals secular independent bands.
The CD posted IS NOT A RECORDING DEMO, but an independent recording of excellent quality.
Band of independent Christian rock scene, formed in 1999 by friends of São Gonçalo,
state of Rio de Janeiro. They released their first demo in 2000 called Minha Missão.
The band has influences of sound known as nu-metal (or nu-metal), bands like Korn, POD,
Limp Bizkit, Gryp Hospital among others.
In 2003 they released their first EP and independent high quality with the title The Saved EP
with 7 songs recording. Since 2005 without doing shows, some members formed another
band in Metal Core style consecrated by As I Lay Dying and Sinai Beach called the No Cry, Dance!..."



The Salvos – The Salvos EP (2003)


1. – Crisálida
2. – Herbonoise
3. – Calibre Meia Seis
4. – Taliban
5. – Caos
6. – Não Vou Calar
7. – Rocha

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