Lie Or Liar --> MetalCore / NuMetal / Rap / USA

Phoenix Raphael - Vocals
Scott Prisk - Guitar/Vocals
Edwin Woodside - Guitar
Will Weiner - Bass
Jordan Soto - Drums

“…Lie Or Liar is not your ordinary Metalcore band. They are a 5 piece band
in Los Angeles that fused in the core elements of Nu Metal and created
a new (yet familiar and refreshing) sub-genre of metal overflowed with
guttural screams, blended with psychotic rapping, heavy riffs, and choruses
that make you want to knock somebody out! They look forward to big
things like playing Warped Tour, playing shows with their heroes
( Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada,
Letlive, Slipknot, etc.) and introducing their unique style to the masses…”


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