Aborigenes --> Metal / NuMetal / El Salvador

This quintet is born before the disintegration of the La Iguana. 
Aborigenes is a project that three of the group had planned a long time,
less complicated to play music. The Iguana is not split to form the new set,
said Jaime "Hulk" Varela, but unfortunately some differences emerged
"ideological" in the way and decided to put the tombstone the reptile. 
Thus was born Aborigenes.

Aborigenes - Sentenciados por la ignorancia


01 - vive Aborigen
02 - Justicia Ciega
03 - Virtud de una Raza
04 - Rabano Song
05 - Una mentira mas
06 - Indios sin Dios
07 - Condenados a Muerte
08 - Sentenciados por la Ignorancia
09 - Centroamerica en Pie ------ Listen MP3
10 - T.H.C

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