Blue Felix --> Modern Metal / Rap / Punk / NuMetal / Fusion

Toxic Tripp - Lead Vocals
RelliM - Lead/Rythym Guitar
X-Hail - Lead/Rythym Guitar
Y-bot - keys/ Samples
GideoN - Bass, NIC - Drums

  BLUE FELIX is a visually explosive, all-original Metal fusion band
 that has been mesmerizing crowds since they formed in 2004.
From their face peeling guitar riffs, haunting synthesizers, and blood
curdling screams to soothing psychedelic melodies and unmatched lyrical
 content. BLUE FELIX takes audiences on a roller coaster ride of musical
emotions, topping it all off with a theatrical stage performance and sky high energy.

Blue Felix - Sample Of A Solution  (2010)


1) Lost Control
2) Uncle Scam
3) Any Last ?'s
4) Dirtnap
5) So Called Jesus
6) Middle Finger Up
7) Sky High
8) Dryheave
9) Love Stained Disaster
10) Tumbling Down     



Blue Felix video for "Middle Finger Up" feat. Sid Wilson of Slipknot

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