Solsikk (2011) NuMetal / Groove Metal / Female Vocal / UK

 "...With the undeniable weight and groove of Webb's signature sound and Turner's
soaring, rich vocals, it is easy to understand why Solsikk represent a unique voice
and experience. Eschewing the operatic approach all too frequent amongst current
female fronted groups, Solsikk represent a unique voice and experience, they are
rapidly gaining a well deserved following..." 

Solsikk - Solsikk ( 2011)


1. Relish In Nervous Delights
2. Viridescere ------ [Youtube Video]
3. Keep Pushing Me
4. Freefall
5. Cut A Little Deeper
6. Your Blistering Tongue
7. Needles & Pins
8. Razored Cell
9. Volatile Territory
10. Bloodlust 


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