Audio Local (2012)–> RapCore / Brazil


"...Comprised of four members the project began in July 2010 born of a partnership
between ideas Diogo Tuti (vocals) and Thiago Lesk (drums). The two who have
played together years ago, then decided to form a band with an identity of their own
songs and unpublished. Gui Januzzi (guitar) was the first to join the band, and after
going through several bassists it, the course of rehearsal those found to "play" end,
Fabinho (bass). This is the sum of 4 musicians who already play the years that have
been part of other bands in the past and came here with the same goal: To live for art,
and not by sound tactic. Mixing heavy instrumentals and worked well with the
controversial lyrics of rap vocal, a new monster born in Santos..."



Audio Local - A Profecia (2012)



1.  O Salve
2.  No Limite ----> [Listen]
3.  Vida Real
4.  Fita Dada
5.  Choque de Mente
6.  Reality Show
7.  A Revanche
8.  Mandando Bala
9.  BONUS -  Vida Loka (Racionais Cover)


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