Spacemak3r –> Nu Metal / Canada / ClownCore / With DJ

Michael Gagnon (Micky Boy) : Vocals
Dj Unknow : Programming
David : Vocals
Sebastien Grenier : Bass
Julien-Francois Gagnon : Drums
Ray Lebrasseur : Guitar

"...Spacemak3r are a band from Quebec that you could try to categorize as Numetal / Electronic / Experimental.  It’s hard to tag them properly as their style is very unique and mixes a lot of various influences, I’m having a hard a time comparing them to other acts. They did make think about Slipknot on a few tracks, but it may only be the outfits…"




2. Nobody Knows
4. Circus
5. My F****d Up World
9. Gna Gna Gna


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full album at

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