HS: First, I wonder how`s the band and what`s the current lineup?

We`re fine thanks. Rehearsing and preparing for the upcoming gigs. Lineup is the same as it has always been; Jussi Lahtinen - vocals, Jarkko Nyman - Lead Guitar, Ilkka Nieminen - Guitar, Ismo Nieminen - Bass & BV and Rami Alanko - Drums.

HS: Where did the idea of the name "Godlike" come from? One reason in particular?

Back in the days our drummer Rami and I made a metal song. We wanted it to have a very cool and ambitious title so we picked up english-finnish-english dictionary and made a random pick. It turned out to be Godlike. 10 years later, when we were forming this new band without a name, it hit us: "Remember the old title we gave to one of our songs years ago? Damn! Let`s call this new project Godlike!" It was a perfect name (short and memorable) for this band.

HS: Is the band defined in some musical style? And what are the major influences?

Well we like to call this alternative metal because there are so many different genres mixed. Most of the guitar riffs are influenced by Pantera, In Flames, Megadeth and many more. Vocals are mainly influenced by RATM, One Minute Silence, Slipknot, N.W.A and Mudvayne.

HS: What message does the band attempt to pass to the public in their lyrics?

I guess the theme on this new album could be "world gone bad". It`s a shitty world we`re living in and people`s selfishness, stupidity and crimes ain`t helping anyone. That`s why the lyrics deal with hate and revenge against those who harm us.

HS: When talking about Finnish Metal: Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, Apocalyptica, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica are all known worldwide, each within their style, so I`d like to know:

- How is the Finnish Metal scene for those who are starting out and do not have much space in the media yet? Find it difficult to present and disseminate a band?

I guess it`s kind of difficult to stand out here in Finland. We have so many metal bands here that we have more supply than demand. People seem to easily despise a band which has a new and personal touch in their music. It`s quite common that a Finnish band makes a breakthrough abroad before they`re even noticed here in Finland.

HS: Godlike is about to release the debut album (October 19th). How do you control anxiety? And what`s the strategy to make the job get noticed in the world of Metal?

Well I control my anxiety by being so occupied all the time. I guess the anxiety will hit me when we get our first reviews and Inverse Records starts to promote the album worldwide. The strategy to get noticed is to give people something new. As far as I know, there`s not a single melodic rap metal groups here in Finland that also blend clean vocals and screaming into their music.

HS: Also related to the new album, what message did the band want to give with the CD cover "Malicious Mind"?

"Wolf in sheep`s clothing" could be the right phrase. You won`t recognize the evil beforeit hits you.

HS:  As you know the Hazardous Substances Blog is Brazilian, so tell me:

- Does Godlike listen to some Brazilian bands?

Of course! Sepultura has always been one of my favorites and I liked Soulfly as well.

HS: Speaking of Blogs, what do you think about sites or blogs as the HS, that present some new bands and their latest works?

I think it`s fantastic to have blogs and sites (like HS) to give new music a chance to reach for the bigger audiences. These sites make it fast and easy to check out what`s going on in the music world. Great job!

HS:  And to finish, can you give a message to the Blog followers and Metal lovers.

Greetings from Finland! Keep the metal alive! And if you want to support us, please buy the album! It`ll be worth every penny/real :)

All the best, Jussi / GODLIKE


Thank you for the interview Jussi and Godlike.
Greetings from Brazil



The official "Sickness" music video from the upcoming album


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