Bourbon Kings –> NuMetal / with DJ / Spain

Aaron Mc (vocals);
Jon Bourb On (bass, vocals);
Julen Dread (guitars);
Dj Paik (turntables, sampling, programming);
David Topper (drums)
"...Bourbon Kings is a band Rap Metal - Nu Metal-Atarrabia Villava (Navarra) formed in 2014.
Its members coming from the Hip Hop and Local Metalcore, they have merged their
expertise to create this training with clear echoes of sound Nu Metalero of the century
with contemporary overtones.
The components are Aaron Mc (vocals) and DJ Paik (plates, samples, programming)
from ZTK Rap, Jon Bourb On (bass and vocals) and Julen Dread (guitars) from the
band Insomnio Krónico and David Topper (drums) involved in the picture Jazz / local Funk.
The band brings out his first album "40", an album that gives off heat. The heat radiating
from a bottle of Bourbon. Heat forging a situation of anger. The heat from sex.
A record that the synergy of its different styles occurs, providing "actual old school"
sound and in turn providing a strong, intense and hot direct where the interaction
with the audience becomes the star ingredient an explosive cocktail.
They put the Bourbon, complete your cocktail..."


Bourbon Kings - 40º (2015)

Tracklist: 01 - Intro
02 - Fuck you
03 - Grita
04 - Bajo tu tejado
05 - Van a por ti
06 - No quiero jugar mas
07 - Usame
08 - No soy yo
09 - Outro

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