Relative (New Video) –> RapCore / Romania


El Moreno -vocals
Gonzalez -vocals
Looch Parotti - guitar
Toedru Bangros - drums
Calugaru Zeeknu - bass
Posset Gayway -vocals / backing vocals (studio albums)

“…Relative is a rapcore / punk / rap-metal band from Cluj-Napoca
which began  it’s concert activity in the early part of 2009.
More specifically, the style of performance could even be called deviant, due to heterogeneity of the group members with different musical tastes.
We intend to issue a sound bursting with a jovial energy, amusement on
account of poor interpretation of reality, while inviting a mental upgrade,
not degradation (by encouraging dysfunctional emotions like aggression,
anger, despair, sadness, attachment to former partners, etc.).
It's a more strategic and less instinctive rebellion against the mental limits,
than one against the system. The band is open even to possible criticism,
considering it a source of development…”


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