Groove Industry –> NuMetal / OldSchool / USA

groove industry band
"...Music Industry specializing in a heavy, thumpin, thick, jumpin, loud
& crunchin sound projected to an energetic crowd to produce a wave of positive,
powerful, pure, new wave, totally original style which is no less or no more better
described as Groove Core. History: September 98 was the start of our project.
It's creative musical inhabitors being, Romie Burford (Drums),
Melanie Spring (Guitar), John Kinder (Bass), Jason Rutledge (vocals).
Together forming a strong, goal orientated, future anticipated team out of the
city of Ypsilanti, Michigan, fighting to better the Detroit Local Music Scene without
battling against other fellow Locals around them, but supporting & working with
them so as to build one strong team in the same common battle, struggling to keep
from completely losing our local scene. September 99 Romie Burford (Drums)
& Groove Industry's other current members part two seperate ways due to a clash
of interests and other small personal issues. Ryan Hampton joins as a replacement
drummer as he also decides to remain with his original band, Nobody's Heros,
a punk band out of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Influences: Korn, Slipknot, Deftones & Limp Bizkit..."




Groove Industry - Joe & Pete (2000)


01 - Joe & Pete
02 - Take
03 - Prix
04 - Help Me
05 - No. 6
06 - Stop
07 - Joe & Pete (live in Frankfort, KY)

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