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"...Tumbleweed Inc, a Semi-underground Rock Band, has released their
newest Album – ‘Parichaya’. Tumbleweed Inc is a Nepali Alternative
Rock band and is an idea that was formed by the ex-Lead guitarist
– Sarad Shrestha of the commercial hit band – The Axe band. T
umbleweed Inc. consists of Suwas aka Ktm Souljah (Vocals),
Ro ben (Drums), Prashant (Bass) and Sarad (Guitars) and is
managed by Bishal Manandhar. They are a Kathmandu based
band and they love infusing the different genres of Rap Metal and
funk into their Music and they are mainly influenced by
Rage Against the Machine, Snot, Primus, RHCP, etc..."





Tumbleweed Inc - Parichaya (2014)


01 Intro
02 Face Apart
03 Local Thito
04 Funk That Shit
05 President
06 Parichaya
07 Massive Attack
08 Supremacy
09 Social Parasite
10 Usko Katha
11 Kathmandu
12 Vision
13 Vicious Animal
14 Geda
15 Badlido Samaj

Link: Yandex


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