Brokencyde (2007) --> Hip Hop / Screamo / Crunkcore / Experimental


"...New Mexico quartet Brokencyde (aka BC 13) combines the
club-ready beats of crunk with the blood-curdling screams of
screamo and hardcore. The result? A high energy hybrid that
makes the Fight For Your Right to Party-era Beastie Boys
look tame. We chatted with the self-described "scene" boys
– Se7en, Mikl, Phat J, Antz – and asked: WTF?..."

Brokencyde - The Broken (2007)

01 Dead B4 I Died
02 Schizophrenia ----> Listen mad song NOW ! ! !
03 Taking Lyfe From Me
04 Broken Mikrofonez
05 Jealousy!!!
06 I'm Sorry I Am
07 Lacuna...
08 Still Waiting 4 U
09 So Hard 2 Take
10 Disappearing Hearts
11 Take Me Away
12 Drop Dead!
13 Taking Lyfe From Me (Acoustic)
14 The Broken!

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